Why My Epic Gear is a Game Changer
(Even If You Own Gear)

Posted June 11, 2024


Love hitting the slopes but traveling with your ski or snowboard gear is a hassle? You're not alone. Hauling gear through airports, shipping, fitting gear into your vehicle, and transporting to and from your lodging can take away from your experience. But what if there was a way to ditch the hassle and focus on enjoying top-notch equipment? Here's where My Epic Gear comes in - a gear membership program that's a game changer even for skiers and snowboarders who already own their own gear.

Here's why My Epic Gear is worth considering if you own a set of skis or a snowboard:

Your Most Convenient Option Yet: Imagine arriving at your ski resort and your gear is already waiting for you, with ski delivery straight to your lodging. Or, if you prefer, simply grab it slopeside with no waiting in traditional rental lines. My Epic Gear eliminates the hassle of transporting and storing your equipment, freeing you to focus on the fun part – enjoying the mountain! Plus, you can take advantage of your membership across 12 North American resorts.

Upgrade Your Ride (Without Breaking the Bank): New ski and snowboard technology hits the market constantly. With My Epic Gear, you can ditch the commitment of buying new gear every year. Instead, you get access to over 60 of the latest ski and snowboard models in the My Epic App, from a wide range of premium gear, allowing you to try powder skis for fresh snow days, carving skis for groomed runs and that snowboard that you’ve had your eyes on. It’s the new balance between demo ski rentals and ownership.

Access the latest models from leading brands like Salomon, Stöckli, Lib Tech, Atomic, Burton, Jones, and more through the My Epic app.

Storage and Maintenance? Not Your Problem Anymore: Off-season storage for skis and snowboards can take up precious space. My Epic Gear eliminates this issue entirely. Plus, you avoid the costs and hassle of maintaining your own equipment throughout the year.

My Epic Gear offers all the benefits of top-notch equipment without the downsides of ownership. It's perfect for traveling skiers and snowboarders who prioritize convenience, flexibility, and trying the latest gear. So ditch traveling with your gear and embrace the freedom of My Epic Gear – your mountain adventures just got a whole lot easier (and more enjoyable).

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