My Epic Gear for the Family
A Guide to Gearing Up for the Slopes

Posted July 2, 2024

Heading out for a family ski trip can be an exhilarating experience, but it requires some serious preparation, especially when it comes to gear. Having the whole family in the right equipment not only enhances the fun but also keeps everyone safe from kids to adults. Here’s how to get your family geared up for a perfect day on the slopes with the help of My Epic Gear memberships.

1. Assessing Your Family's Needs

Every family member will need different gear based on their skill level and preferences. Start by making a list of the essentials:

  • Skis and/or snowboards
  • Boots for your sport
  • Helmets
  • Poles for skiers
  • Goggles
  • Warm clothing for layering and protection

2. Get Your Memberships

Don’t let lugging your gear slow you down on the road, at the airport, or in the resort. My Epic Gear memberships provide the premium gear your family wants, when and where you want it with access to skis, poles, boards, boots, and helmets. With child memberships for kids ages 3-12 and adult memberships for ages 13+, everyone can be set up to shred regardless of age, size, or skill level.

Memberships are limited. Join My Epic Gear now.

3. Book Your Reservations

Never worry about your kids outgrowing their gear throughout the season or trading out seasonal rentals when they do. My Epic Gear lets you change boots, skis, and snowboards throughout the season with our premium selection of child and equipment so it always fits your growing family, all in the palm of your hand on the My Epic App.

You won’t miss a turn with convenient pick-up and drop-off options including:

  • Slopeside pick-up of your skis/poles or snowboard at one of our convenient resort locations.
  • In-resort delivery the night before your days on the mountain.
  • Split delivery with boots and/or helmet delivered directly to your door and the rest of your gear picked up slopeside for ultimate convenience.

4. Gear Up and Head Out

Before hitting the slopes, check the weather and slope conditions. Make sure you're ready with all of the essentials like:

  • The My Epic App downloaded on your phone for easy access to trail maps and real-time lift updates
  • Your Epic Pass or lift tickets
  • An extra neck gator for unexpected snow and wind
  • Sunscreen and lip balm for high-altitude adventures

As for your gear? No need to pack a thing! Simply get to the slopes and we’ll have your My Epic Gear reservation waiting for you so you can gear up and go.

Equipping your family with the right gear is essential for a fun and safe skiing or snowboarding experience. Let My Epic Gear take the guesswork out of your season with gear for the whole family - toddlers, kids, teens, and above. Enjoy the slopes and make unforgettable family memories!

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