For a successful shoe sizing experience, we suggest you do these things-

Use this ShoeSizingChart and measure out to the longest toe. Be sure to have your heel back to the edge of the foot outline on the form and to follow all instructions as listed. 

OR If you are a coach, ensure you have a shoe sizing kit available. Epic Gear has these available to help you do your sizing!

Here’s a few tips to make sure it is successful!

  • Promote your shoe sizing date at your gym. Be sure that athletes and parents know when your sizing is. If not all athletes are able to make it, coordinate a back up day
  • Recommend athletes wear the same or similar socks that they would during practice or competitions for a more accurate fit
  • Create a Youth shoe sizing area. Keep all Youth 10 thru Youth 3 shoes in this area. Direct your younger kids to this area to start their sizing
  • Create an Adult shoe sizing area. Keep all Ladies 4 thru Ladies 14 in this area. Direct all of your older kids to this area to start their sizing
  •  For a best guess fit, take a look at the current size shoe that the athlete is wearing and direct them to try that same cheer shoe size on. But, keep in mind that sometimes cheer shoes run ½ to 1 full size smaller than street shoes
  • Log shoe sizes and coordinating athlete’s names on a tally form. Be sure to capture this information so it isn’t forgotten.

Good Luck!

Epic Gear